Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Town. New Adventures

This last weekend my Fiance and I have moved to the Tri-cities for a great job opportunity for him. Like the dream job kind of opportunity. He's graduated from college with a degree in Hydraulics (The big trucks kind, not the stupid bouncy car kind) and in Spokane there wasn't many jobs in the field he was wanting. Thanks to a friend of his he finally got a in-house sales position which is EXACTLY what he's been wanting for years. I'm so happy for him.
Luckily I had already quit my serious job (It's a LONG story) And had been working at a new place for only a month so nothing was serious. I was totally ready for a new adventure for us. So far it's been hard being so far away from friends and family. Mostly friends going through a hard time and I can't be there for them except over the phone. It hurts.
However we have plans. Big plans for us and me to get in a better life style and find out own piece of heaven down here in Richland.

(Valentine and I at the Richland Doggy park)

I'm going back to school! This September I will finally be returning to college to finish my degree in Business management and get me a good start in the business world. I'm so excited for school. I've always loved school. Since I was little. I"m really looking forward to the extra side classes. I want to learn Japanese! I want to go Kayaking! I want to paint again!
College right now is just the answer all to every problem for me and i'm SOOO looking forward to it.

Right now i'm the lovely House-wife who is taking care of running the house. Doing all the errands and Chores. And i'm happy. It's been a long time since I was relaxed like this. Sure I still worry about money. Even though Camron makes more than enough. I worry more about us finding a balance with one income. It's has always been OUR money since we started being serious and living together. But it's still weird for me not having my own money to spend on what ever I want. We'll make it work i'm sure.  But I have been looking for a nice part time job to have for the summer till school starts for me. Something a little extra on the side.
Maybe my craft store will take off? Who knows.

For now I will post all my adventures, recipes, and tips I've found that have been great on how to live life to the fullest on as little as possible.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


View from our apartment patio and windows

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