Monday, December 30, 2013

Where do You Buy Elbow Grease?

When my boyfriend and I moved in together we quickly started a system we liked. He hated cooking and I hated washing dishes. So we made a deal. I cook and he does the dishes. And 1 and 1/2 years later it's still how it goes and we share and try to get to doing everything else around the house on our days off.

Not Very Effective

Can't tell you how many times a few things got pushed to next week.. and the next.. and the next.. Like the bathroom or the laundry room or the bathroom or the bedroom... you get the idea. :)

Luckily thanks to my Pinterest addiction (The first step is admitting you have a problem) I found another bloggers post.

She has a 1 room a day chart and we my friend are going to try it out. It's something  I believe I can manage daily and so can my boyfriend.

No more will I try to efficiently clean the house crammed into 2 days a week! I will conquer my house hold and shorten that crazy to do list you always make yourself when you list off what need cleaned... and then only get to half of it.

I'll do it this week and i'll update you all next sunday how it went as well as next weeks project!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cheers to a New Start!

Welcome to the beginning of what I hope is a beautiful and amazing friendship!
My name’s Catie. I’m 21 years old. And for the last few years of my life I've been trying to be the most efficient adult I can be. Impossible I know. 
Someone once asked me if I were to make a list of things I learned from my parents, stuff I wanted to keep in my life and stuff I never wanted to do, what all would be on it?
I made that list and it was mostly stuff I learned not to do. My parents are very imperfect and made a lot of mistakes financially. And I didn't have many role models to look up to. 
And now that i’m on my own as an adult. I’m finding my inner child, working on relationships instead of breaking them, and trying to give my self the best financial start I can.
In the world we live in today it’s so easy for the younger generation that is just starting out to get into a mountain of debt. Between student loans and how easily credit cards are handed to us by banks it’s almost impossible not to. 
And i’ll admit i’m one of them. 
I've tried and am still trying all kinds of tips and tricks to get my life organized, my debt erased, and get to where I want to be in my life.
I hope you will join me, learn with me, and get on that road to a better and more peaceful life.