Saturday, April 26, 2014

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

Now I don't have one of those beautifully scrap-booked binders or an office that is more pretty than a mess like you see on other blogs sites. Maybe I will after a few weeks of this, but i'm not making any promises!
When I moved out one of the first things I did was get all my bills in one place. I made myself a folder where I stashed all my bills, paycheck stubs, receipts, and my renting contract on my apartment.
Now looking back, did I really need every single receipt ever handed to me? No.

I got all of my pages that I use from Here, Here, and Here. (To get the monthly and yearly spread sheets just Email Coordinated Kate and she sends them to you for free). Like when I was choosing recipes for Freezer Meals, I never settle. I take what I like from all kinds of sources and make something that fits me best.

I'll be continuously sharing pages I find that seem to work with my life style as I find time to do so!
For now share with me pages you use to help keep your life organized!

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