Thursday, January 2, 2014

Experimenting With Freezer Meals

My fellow blogger and Friend Jessica  posted on her blog how she wanted to make pre made freezer meals that she saw on Pinterest. Hmm, I thought, this would be a great answer to those nights where my boyfriend and I just don't want to cook anything and a good way to save money by avoiding ordering fast food or buying those frozen, through in the oven or microwave, meals at the store!

So let the search begin!

There are soooo many pins and recipes on Pinterest about freezer meals. Apparently this has been a thing for quite a while now. Who knew?

I was looking for 3 things:

1. Least expensive.

I wasn't going to do this if it required me to spend more money than i'm comfortable with.

2. Easy and quick.

It's my first time! I wasn't going to go buy $200 worth of food to spend 6 hrs in the kitchen right off the bat! I needed a smaller transition into this amazing world of easy meals.

3. Ingredients I can find at home.

I get so frustrated when I find these really nice sounding recipes online and it requires me to buy all these ingredients. To me that's not conventional. Why buy these spices i've obviously never needed in my life before for this one meal I don't know if I even like yet??

So If I didn't have at least half of the ingredients in my kitchen I kept scrolling. It didn't take too much time before I found a few recipes I liked. Of course the post bragged about making all these meals for a few hours of your time, but I picked the ones I liked and Altered it to what I wanted. I picked 2 recipes. The Garlic Cilantro Chicken and the Pineapple Chicken.

And I found them on this site:

The Boyfriend and I don't need to feed a family of four every night, so I easily split the recipes from 2 bags to 4. (MORE BANG FOR MY BUCK!) I only spent around $30 on ingredients  I didn't have at home. I can live with that.
 Took me 45 minutes to make 8 meals and the whole house smelt amazing all day! I'm excited to go home today after work (I work graveyards) pop one in the crock pot and wake up to dinner ready!

Let me know your experiences with Freezer Meals and your easy recipes for beginners like me!

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