Thursday, November 13, 2014


Every November out of the darkness arises thousands and thousands of hopeful authors!
The National Novel Writing Month is a big occasion for creative writers of all ages! Starting November 1st all the participants gather to their desks, note books, and sticky notes with the goal of writing a novel with 50,000 words. The website helps hopeful authors-to-be keep track of their word counts as well as help you find inspiration with Write-in Meet ups with others in your area and a forum to chat with others. 
I too an participating this year. 
I've had close friends participate in years past and I dabbled with the idea, but never had the time to sit down and think up a good idea that could last me for 50k words.
Now I've been creating stories since I was in middle school. My friends and I would write stories with each other in them or we would all share this note book that moved from person to person and each had to write a few pages as to what happened next in the story. It was fun! 
I kept up the creative out put all through high school. Carrying my stories on a thumb drive in case inspiration hit and i needed to run to the library computer lab during lunch to type what I wanted up.
Now I just keep them on my desktop, in an unsuspecting folder so my Fiance doesn't find them. They aren't bad. I was just too nervous for eyes other than mine (And 1 very close friend) to see what I've written. I was afraid of criticism. 
Well not anymore! I took the leap! 
Grabbing inspiration from past stories I got to work Nov. 2nd. At this very moment I have a 13k word count and i'm still very much behind, but to make up for it I have plans as to where the novel will go. It's just the matter of getting to know my characters better, the environment better, and gluing my butt to my desk chair and typing it up.
Many people thought I was crazy for taking on another project. I already have school, a house to run, sick dogs to care for, and a drowning personal life I have yet to save. However, to me this didn't seem like another stressor to add to the pile. To me this was a great chance to sit down and relieve some stress with a hobby I enjoy.
And so far I'm right!
Please let me know if you are also taking part in NaNoWriMo and how your story is coming along! I wish you all the best of luck!
And for those thinking of joining, It's not too late! You still have the rest of the month to type up the 50k! It may seem daunting but believe me, once you get to going with a good scene it's hard to stop and the numbers just start adding up with out you realizing it!

See you all at the finish line!

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