Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY Bedroom Headboard

Today, about 3, I decided that I was going to something that I've wanted/wanted to do for MONTHS. I've  been wanting a headboard for a looonnnggg time. Just wasn't really something that we could just throw money at. To be honest it's a frivolous item that is honestly for only aesthetic purposes. And spending something like $50 or more dollars on it is really something I don't have to throw around easily. SO I made one!
You can find the blog I got the idea from HERE. Now I was really bad and didn't take step by step pictures. Which is something I'll need to remember to work on.
Her over all cost was $30. Mine only cost me around $20.
List of materials we used:
- cardboard ($0)
- 2 yards of quilt batting ($6)
- tape, packing or duct
- staple gun ($13)
- 2 yards of fabric ($5)

For stencils I also used some baking bowls like the blogger did. It really helps!

I used 2 big boxes that i stacked on top of each other and taped together so I could cut and draw on them easily. I wanted the head board to have some girth and the 2 boxes helped.

I later went back and spent another $5 on similar fabric and made matching pillow cases. I found that 1 yard of fabric is the exact length X width as a king size pillow case weather you fold it one way or the other. I found folding it hot-dog was more to my taste.
Now I walk into my bedroom and feel instant pride in myself seeing my beautiful headboard and matching pillows. Soon i'll be trying to dye my white comforter navy so that it all matches. But i'll save that for another blog.

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